The Art of Hospitality:- Hotel In Kasauli

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Hotel Bliss is one of the best hotel, which provides top restaurant, big banquet hall and large well-equipped best conference rooms and many luxury or standard rooms, where all the rooms are comfortable ,aesthetically designed and all rooms are very well furnished and equipped with modern facilities.

So, don’t waste your time. Choose your hotel in Kasauli and book your room online to get discount offers provided by us.

Hotel Bliss provides large conference hall and banquet hall in Kasauli with sitting capacity of around 100 persons. These halls are large and spacious and are featured with A/C. Above 200 people can accommodate in the bigger hall. In banquet style even 300 or more people can adjust.

Hotel Bliss provides best and cheap rooms in Kasauli, contact us. Just select or choose your hotel rooms or banquet hall or conference room. Online book your hotel’s rooms at cheaper rates. Read hotel reviews and choose the best hotel deal for your stay.

The hotel bliss is a newly built structure with a top restaurant in kasauli which can accommodate for many persons comfortably. Eating out is all about tasting scrumptious authentic and popular dishes like Maadra, Kadhi, Dham, Poppy Seeds Halwa and Green Ginger Tea for all travellers and families in kasauli.

It offers a homely atmosphere to the guests. The Bliss Resort is one of the idyllic places to be in Kasauli. The spacious and tastefully decorated Deluxe Rooms, Super Deluxe rooms and Standard rooms with many facilities just like; Telephone, Private bathroom, color television, Newspaper etc.

at Hotel. It also provides excellent accommodation. All rooms come with a host of modern facilities. Cottages in Kasauli offers a unique and a newer concept of holidaying in style in the pristine environment of rooms for rent.

Our family suites, deluxe and super deluxe rooms are responsible for a comfortable atmosphere and creating a sense of expansive thought the suites. Choose deluxe or super deluxe rooms that suit your person while remaining comfort and safety with your budgets. We believe that more layering in the rooms, the more comfortable your stay becomes.

If you work for a long time, your life becomes dull and boring. Holidays give us time for a change. They give you relief from your routine life. Sometimes you have long holidays. You must know how to spend them. You should enjoy your life but you need not to waste your valuable time. But I requested to you, Only once you should come to Kasauli. If you stay here, then you will feel good and comfortable here. Let us have some healthy amusements during holidays. We will try our best to make you feel comfortable here. If you’ll spend your holidays here, You’ll feel fresh and energetic from your main work. We think, Happiness is like the bird, Try to catch it.Or otherwise it will fly away. Power will not bring it. Money cannot buy it. There are some things that make you happy. And first thing is good health. You must try to be healthy. Our staff will take care of you. And give you a happy and healthy environment.

For Contact:-

Jagjit Nagar Garkhal, Kasauli Gaon, Himachal Pradesh 173201, India,

Contact No. +91-8679508275

E-mail Address:-


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