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Practice means constant us of once’s intellectual and aesthetic powers. Practice, can even be defined as taming one’s mind, soul body to certain ativities uniformly aimed at acheiving certain requirement more smoothly and satisfactorily. This universalsatisfaction in certain achievement can be defined as perfection. Perfect means ‘ideal’, complete and achievement of excellence. Proper planning and practice foster perfect performence. Practicewinttingly or unwittingly begins in the cradle and ends in the grave. Beginning from the childhood, man practices various activities. Nature in its various form is perfection in itself. Man or any living entity strives hard to attain or fetch its livelihood. Man has his own means to meet the ends of livelihood. Ends are usually defined as goal in materialist and spiritual form where a person is driven through with the tool called practice.
Practice isFor Great Performence the quality that prepares one for all other qualities. Practice enables one to avoid errors that were done previously. Perfection is necessary in every sphere of life which includes arts, medicine, law, defense and others. A person may not be perfect in every sphere of life. But repeated practice lessons relegate one’s deficiencies. One should also learn from one’s failures. Failures are the stepping stones to success. Practice enables a person to reach the heights of success. It makes a person perfect. Practice largely depends on the right trainning in any sphere. Constant also sharpens talents.
Practice is a form of meditationwith which a man can achieve anthinng in his life and can achieve anything in his life and can become exemplary. Our history is replete with stories of great person who stand at unreachable heights. our memory dates back to mythological era which makes us learn about the resolute detemination of Eklavya who was denied education by Droncharya. Inspite of racial discrimination and denial of education, his determination made him to learn in front of his master’s idol and this determination complemented with years of practice made him one of the most deft and skillful in the art of archery.
Scientifically, practice has been proved to be the only way to achieve perfection. Challenges can be the stepping stones or stumbling blocks but it is just matter of how you win them. So practice is one such bioscope, which gives us a clear view of the challenges and prepares us in a right direction to accept the challenges for achieving a thumping victory.
Practice enables a person to reach the heights of success in all walks of life. It develops outstanding qualities in one’s character. Thus, it is practice that makes a person perfect who can face every challenge in his life. Human attributes like faith, determination, confidence and emotions whenn complemented with practice, lead to perfection, when determination serves as a backbone.


Student life is thCollege Lifee golden period of life. A student has to make use of it in the best possible way. He has to learn from books, from the family and from society. He must learn from schools and colleges. He should learn how to live and let others live. He should develop his mind. But he should not neglect his body. He should also develop a sense of duty to our maker. He has to prepare his lessons and take part in games and sports. He should try to become a true citizen of the world. He should relies that student life is a time for preparation for the rest of life. Hence, It is a very important period.

Self-study means the study of the self, by the self and for the self in the actual sense of the term. But popularly by self-study we mean studies on one’s own through library books or other resources. We can not inject any amount of knowledge into students’ veins. But they should try to gain knowledge by the use of observations through their five sense organs. Self-study can be done further by reading more and more wisely-written books. Periodicals, weeklies and daily newspapers are there to help us in our self-study. It is a much better source of having a background to prepare than the coaching done in masses in schools and colleges. Self-study enriches our knowledge and also makes us self-confidante and self-reliant in life.

The Scene in the Examination Hall:-
School LifeAn Examination is a very important event in the life of a student. On the examination day, the students are punctual. They reach the examination hall much before the time. They are busy trying to find out their sheets. There is a great noise in the hall at that time. The Examinees is talk about the possible questions with one another. A few minutes before the final bell, the invigilators come in. The ask the examinees to sit down. After that they distribute the answer books. The Examinees write down their names roll number. When the final bell rings, the invigilators distributes the question papers. After reading the questions, some looks pleased. But some other gate distribute. Time passes by. When the final bellĀ  goes, the invigilators collect the answers. Some Examinees look relaxed. But other looks tense. Such is the sentience the examination hall.

Why Do We Hate the Examinations?
Examinations are a big terror. Chance plays a great part in them. The Examination paper is like a lottery-uncertain, undependable. The element of uncertainty and surprise is bound to shake the most confidentiality, Sometimes our nervousness is so great that we seem to forget our best prepared lessons. Before the examination, we feel sure of doing well. But once the question paper is before us, our mind becomes a perfect blank. We fail to our most memorized lessons. Some candidates even faint in the examination hall. The question paper springs a complete surprise. None of the ‘sure hints’ over which we have spent days and nights appear in the examination. On the contrary, just those very topics which we left out as unimportant and unexpected stare us in the face. Surely the fate and the paper-setter can play a cruel joke upon us. So, we hate the examinations.