OFF Page Optimization Techniue

OFF Page Optimiztiona). Search Engine Friendly Directory Submissions: Acquiring relevant backlinks to your website is one of the most important parts of any Search Engine Optimization campaign. The search engine’s and especially Google value backlinks to your website as an indicator of your website’s importance. If a large number of webmaster’s have decided to link to your content then you must be an important information hub in your target keyword marketplace.

i. Introduction to Directory Submissions:
ii. Quality guidelines for Directory Submissions. The following are the quality guidelines which should keep in mind prior to do any directory submissions:

• The directory should have good page rank
• The directory category should be cached
• It is very much essential to choose the right category during the directory submission
• Always use variations in Anchor Text and Descriptions during the directory submissions. Google sees variations in the incoming anchor text as a strong indicator that your listings are natural and not created by an automated software

iii. Directory Submission Report:

b). Search Engine Friendly Article Submissions: Article Submission is a form of Off-Page Search Engine Optimization where companies and professional writers submit articles based on a specific niche. Article directories are also called Ezines or Online Magazines for their depository methods hosting hundreds or thousands of content related to any subject.

i. Introduction to Article Submissions
ii. Quality guidelines for Article Submissions: The following are the quality guidelines which should keep in mind prior to do any article submissions for the website:

• The article content should be unique.
• The article should have a catchy title and a well defined summary.
• The article should not be over promoted.
• The article should not be visitor targeted. It should cater to the use of a visitor.
• The article should have maximum three hyperlinks well presented in the author box.
• The article content must be at least of 350 words.

iii. Article Submissions Report:

c). Forum Participation: Forum posting is basically a method of posting new threads or replying to old threads in a website. Forum posting provides a suggestive method of providing one way quality links or quality traffic on a website.

i. Introduction to Discussion Forum Participation:

ii. Quality guidelines for Discussion Forum Participation:

• The forum should be relevant to your website’s theme
• Use generic name as user name for forum submissions

d). Link Building: Creating back-links to the website is the best way to increase the number of visitors to the website on a daily basis. Link Building is one of the important method by which we can increase the one way back links for the website.SEO


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