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The Importance Of the National Flag

Posted: August 5, 2014 in People

Every country is proud of its national flag. The Indian flag is very dear to every Indian. When India became free in 1947, the tricolour flag was adopted as the naI Love My Indiational flag of India. The flag has three colour and there is a chakra in the middle. The Colours in the flag and the chakra are very meaningful. Thechakra shows that virtues never die. In the changing world, only the principles of virtue can guide the people. The saffron colour stands for sacrifics.The white colour stands for truth, purity and non-violence. White is the symbole of peace, too. Green is the colour of Nature. The green colour in the Indian flag stands for energy, joy and faith in life. Every Indian is sacrifice his life in order to keep the national flag flying for all time to come. I love my country and my national flag “Tiranga”.

India became a Republic on 26th January, 1950. It is a day of great importance in our country. India had been under foreign rule for long. It got it’s Independence 15th August, 1947. Then we framed the constitution of our country and it came into force with effect from hall is decorated. Adais is raised. The National flag is hoisted.. We gather around the dais. Our Headmaster makes a nice little speech about the importance of this day in our country. We all sing the National Anthem. We take a fresh vow to safeguard the freedom of the country and to honour the constition till the last drop of blood in our body.

Now Comming Soon, Independence Day on 15 August 2014My India. Independence day is celebrated on 15 August in every year. This day is very important for India’s people. In this day people are going to school, college and offices and where flying flags. The Prime-Minister is flying flags on Red-Fort on this day. The Students sing a national song in his school, college. 15th August and 26th january¬† is very important days for Indian people.