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SMWI*: Morning Jam with lil man

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Live & Learn

SMWI* = Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration. Source: Weighty Matters.

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Early Morning Dialogues

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Source of Inspiration

Four-thirty has become
getting up time;
how sweet is that time for me.
Cool, quiet, night sounds
mix with rooster crows,
I savor this time to be
with You before
day’s duties begin.

A dialogue of the heart
is the way I start my day,
securing my faith once again.

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End of Days

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Poesy plus Polemics

"At the End of the Road" Painting by Janet Padens From “At the End of the Road”
Painting by Janet Padens

it’s the dying
this cold muddy slog
for the edge of the map

here where
roads long since
outran their pavement

converged into
one awkward route
no more mileposts left

distance down
now to counting
by stumbles and steps

this terrain
unfamiliar portends
an ungentle conclusion

fellow travelers
appear just as lost
nonetheless join in train

clear of eye
unafraid stoic ready
to rest from the journey

some not all
anticipate heaven
in reward of devotion

others wonder
or worry of wasting
all the miles left behind

still others
accept that life
simply cannot outlast death

all the same
their disparities
fall to their union here

end of days
waiting right where
we knew they would be

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TED Blog

Spanish interpreter Kelly Kelly A.K. in the booth at TEDYouth 2012. She and four others will interpret Saturday's TEDYouth in Spanish and Arabic in real time. Photo: Mike Femia/TED Spanish interpreter Kelly A.K. in the booth at TEDYouth 2012. She and four others will interpret Saturday’s TEDYouth into Spanish and Arabic in real time. Photo: Mike Femia/TED

TEDYouth will be livestreamed on Saturday, November 15, for free — and not just in English. This event, meant for students and, well, anyone sparked by general curiosity, will be translated on the spot into both Spanish and Arabic, to make it watchable by more people around the world.

Five intrepid live interpreters will make this happen. They’ll sit in soundproof booths, watching on monitors and listening through headphones as the event proceeds in English. In real time, they’ll transpose the words into their target language by speaking into a microphone. It’s a task that takes intense concentration, so they’ll trade off every 20 to 30 minutes for a rest. Each team has an electronic dictionary at the ready. 

Live interpreters prepare…

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Ever wanted to know what Claire Underwood, the wife of the ruthless congressman in Netflix’s political drama House of Cards likes to watch on TV? Now you can: Netflix has started to use fictional characters from some of its original programming to recommend new movies and TV sows to its members.

Users are reporting that rows of recommendations titled “Watched by Claire Underwood,” “Watched by Bojack Horseman” or “Watched by Pennsatucky” have popped up in their [company]Netflix[/company] apps. The latter, which is a Christian fundamentalist character in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, likes to watch Jesus Camp, Saved and Angels & Demons, whereas Claire Underwood prefers shows like The Good Wife and Damages.

Netflix has said in the past that it spends $150 million on content recommendations every year. I’d guess that not a whole lot of that money…

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Lords Truth

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Spoiled by positive comments

The young man doesn’t write

He just opens up and vomits

And likes build because he looks like Beiber

And because he announces he is a believer

Wears a big cross as proof

And tells only the “Lords truth”.

Driven by the atheist section of Reddit

The young woman debates feminists

She has a stronghold on her position

Like some philosophical gymnast.

“Nasty” she says as she sees the young man with a bible

“Have you heard of Jesus” he said “and the rifle”

“Yes” she said “though I don’t know what you mean”

He said “I’ll convert you to the wisdom of the supreme being”

“With a rifle?” she said “that doesn’t make sense”

“It’s a metaphor” he said “don’t sit on the fence”

“What?” she said “you are one crazy sad sack”

“I’m not a sad sack I’m happy as Christ” he said


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