Lords Truth

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Spoiled by positive comments

The young man doesn’t write

He just opens up and vomits

And likes build because he looks like Beiber

And because he announces he is a believer

Wears a big cross as proof

And tells only the “Lords truth”.

Driven by the atheist section of Reddit

The young woman debates feminists

She has a stronghold on her position

Like some philosophical gymnast.

“Nasty” she says as she sees the young man with a bible

“Have you heard of Jesus” he said “and the rifle”

“Yes” she said “though I don’t know what you mean”

He said “I’ll convert you to the wisdom of the supreme being”

“With a rifle?” she said “that doesn’t make sense”

“It’s a metaphor” he said “don’t sit on the fence”

“What?” she said “you are one crazy sad sack”

“I’m not a sad sack I’m happy as Christ” he said


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Wisdom Wednesdays – Just Believe

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Love Lost to the Sands of Time

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Richard M. Ankers - Author

I felt her,
She stirred me.
An oasis in the sands of time,
She calmed me.
Raven-haired and chocolat-eyed,
She flowed through a memory,
I thought I’d lost.
She said nothing just put a finger to her perfect lips,
Then kissed me.
Amidst the colours of a burning sun, we held each other.
No words needed,
No questions asked,
We imprinted on the universe and knew happiness.
When I opened my eyes,
She was already fading.
Like the sands she’d come from my vision collapsed to dust,
As did my heart.
Somewhere out there it sweeps across the cosmos in temporal winds seeking her.
It will never rest,
Nor I,
Until it merges with her again.
It is my dream,
My hope,
My everything.

(Image courtesy of ArthurBlue on deviantart.com)

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Beyond the stars astrology

Bringing light into the darknessBringing light into the darkness

Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, many of the decisions we make (or don’t make) and actions we take (or don’t take), come from a place of fear.

To a certain extent, a healthy level of fear is what keeps us safe. It’s what has helped the human race to survive and thrive. Problems arise when our level of fear becomes disproportionate to the threat at hand, or when we use fear to control and manipulate others, or to allow ourselves to be controlled and manipulated.

Most of us, if we are honest and self-aware, would admit to occasionally experiencing levels of anxiety that are irrational and out of proportion, to some degree.

These anxieties can all too easily inform our behaviour. We become overly defensive out of a fear of being challenged or rejected, for example, or at the extreme end…

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Horse Grazing

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Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Cool weather, for a good reason-

As it is officially the fall season.



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My Adoption Story: Part 9

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