Interesting Facts About Planets In Astrology

Posted: August 25, 2014 in astrology
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For centuries, people have relied completely on stars to know about their present and future happenings. Astrological magic has now become a close part of our heritage. It’s an excellent way to realize our destiny and remove undesirable blockages. Astrology defines that every zodiac sign is ruled by some planet and its energy influences the characteristics of zodiac signs. Check out which planet is ruling over your sign.


The Sun is considered as a bright star and zodiacal Planet of Leo in astrology. Sun is an integral object where complete astrology revolves around it. It symbolizes strength, maturity, and wisdom.



The Moon is a zodiacal planet of cancer and an object having greatest affinity.It symbolizes care and love just like mother-child relationship.



Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo. A planet showing critical thinking and communication, enable us to become aware for our surroundings.



A planet of harmony and beauty which shows issues related to love, relationships, romance and emotions. This planet rules over Taurus and Libra and concerned with pleasures and luxuries in life.



Mars rule over Aries. This planet shows your deepest desire which enables you to express it easily. It compels you to be alert, smart and determined about your work. Also, uplifts your ambition and highlights your confidence to get you great success.


Jupiter is a planet of Sagittarius which rules over health, luck, success and wealth. It let people to enhance their skills by providing opportunities. It symbolizes your accomplishments.



Saturn rules over Capricorn and shows time and sobriety. This planet brings out challenges; you may encounter many obstacles before you achieve success.


Uranus is a planet of freedom and symbolizes change. Aquarians are ruled by this planet. Uranus shows a different spin where he has no desire to fit in.


Neptune rules over Pisces and shows greater responsibilities that may cause feelings like anxiety and insecurities. This planet lets you to create your own world with illusions and imaginations. They are constant and very generous in life.


Pluto signifies rebirth and regeneration of scorpions. This planet is somewhat mysterious and secretive. Scorpion seems to be very creative in their work. Love and marriage are two important things in their life. They prove to be the strong leaders in future.

There are many forms of astrology like western, East Asian and Indian. Each shares its views differently in astrology with the help of planets.  The position of planets at our birth time is the best indicator of our future life. One can predict someone’s age, marriage’s success, number of children or even when someone will die !. An accurate  Kundli is the definition of someone’s past, present and future.


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