Self Discovery

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Eloquent Existence

IMG_0144Knowing what I like and what I want is so much different these days then they use to be. I know absolutely that I love to run. It clears my mind like nothing else and when I can’t run, when I’m out of time, can’t fit it into my schedule, am sick or have an injury, I am miserable without it. I know I love my kids unconditionally. That when I have them I am most happy and when they are with their father, even though it means I finally get a break from caring for them 24/7, I miss them terribly.

I miss them terribly when they are gone even though I know when they come back they may come back fighting with each other or give me that back talk preteens and teenagers love to spew. They are at that age when they question every one of my…

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