He is Feeling More Than Like For Me

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Eloquent Existence

healing can become a dangerous

obsession when the band-aid

is laced with your euphoric kisses

and the disinfecting ointment

spread with your medicinal embraces

G.C. 10/12/2012

The mood of our relationship has changed in a way I expected eventually,  some time in the far future, but instead surfaced itself in the present time as something of a feeling as more than “like” for each other. We confessed it without actually ever saying the words, the both of us terrified not of what is, but of what has been in our past repeating itself in the future between us.

After a beautiful weekend of late night dining, a starry night at a drive in theater, ice-skating and the most wonderful, amazing, fantastic intimacy with a man I have ever had in a little black dress, we were both delighted and terrified that we found out we felt the same towards each…

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