Better To Him

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Eloquent Existence

A few days ago my dog died. I didn’t think I’d cry as much as I did, as much as I have since or that I would miss him as much as I do. In the mornings I have to remind myself that I no longer need to feed him. These past few cold nights or rainy days I no longer need to bring him in or let him out to do his business. In the morning he no longer watches me through the window while I’m in the kitchen. When it rains he no longer licks the rain off the window. His toy ball just sits out in the yard and telling my kids was tough… we miss our dog.

I hate the way he died, but I’m glad he had me there next to him when he did and that his suffering wasn’t long. I regret not being…

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