Imagine – in memory of Robin Williams

Posted: August 16, 2014 in Uncategorized


Imagine something by your side

A haunting black abyss

It never leaves; it wants you dead

It will cease you to exist

Imagine it’s your controller

The puppeteer with the strings

You have no soul; it’s sucked it dry

You’re an angel without any wings

Imagine it’s your only friend

A seeing eye into your core

You trust in it; it’s all you know

You cannot remember life before

Imagine it’s your archenemy

It disavows you to feel joy

It’s your everything and your nothing

A nemesis you cannot destroy

Imagine being free of this entity

Where happiness is abound

But I don’t dream of such of things;

It’s beyond my conception

I’m the lost and never found.

Danielle Montgomery

About me:

23 year old from Birmingham, United Kingdom. Battling demons of my own in the way of anorexia-binge purge subtype. Love writing, reading…

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