Lessons Learned On App Design For Fast-Growth Markets

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Uncategorized


Editor’s note:Alan Mamedi is the co-founder and CEO of Truecaller. He is based in Stockholm.

One of the typical mistakes developers make is thinking that because they’ve had success in one corner of the globe, they should be able to employ the same strategy to drive adoption elsewhere. The truth of the matter is apps that are wildly successful in the U.S., Europe and Japan often fail to gain substantial traction in areas like India, South America and the Middle East; these problems go well beyond simple translation issues and lack of cultural understanding.

Something I faced when speaking with our early investors was that they sometimes could get too obsessive with the Western world and overlook the high-growth markets – often referred to as the “next billion markets.” That was a challenge for us, as our growth and data were pointing to the developing markets, and the…

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